REMP Replacement and Extended Maintenance Protection (REMP) may be elected only at the inception of this agreement by initialing the appropriate box on the contract. REMP is not insurance but is an agreement by Central Instrument Company, Inc. (CIC) to provide the customer with repair, maintenance or replacement of the instrument due to fire or theft by forced entry. You must provide CIC with a police or fire report within fourteen (14) days of the incident. Improper or careless storage in an unsecured area, or loss by negligence will negate any responsibility for replacement by CIC. In the event of fire or theft by forced entry the instrument will be replaced with one of similar brand, age and condition as determined by CIC. Terms, prices and all equity of the original contract remain in force with the replacement instrument. This agreement does not cover partial loss/damage of accessories such as bows, mouthpieces, stands, ligatures, neck straps, drum sticks/mallets, strings, sponges, cases, reeds or drum pads. Excluded from repair or maintenance is willful or negligent damage. Coverage becomes void when the account is more than 10 days in arrears and may be reinstated with current payment, and permission of CIC. All claims will be at the sole discretion of CIC.

Monthly REMP Rates are as follows:

Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone and all Percussion Kits - $4.45
Alto Saxophone - $6.95
Violin & Viola - $3.50
Cello & Bass - $5.50