Let Central Instrument Company Repair Your Instrument

Our Repair Shop has been open since 1979.  
We have fast service by NAPBIRT certified technicians.
Bring your instrument to our store in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, for a free estimate
or call our Repair Shop at 330.928.6000 to verify our services.
We repair all instruments sold or rented by CIC.
We repair brass, woodwind and some percussion instruments.
We repair violins, violas, cellos, and double basses.
We now do very limited fretted instrument repairs.
We visit many schools in Northeast Ohio weekly when the schools are in session.
Call 330.928.6000 or 1.800.442.6000 (Ohio) to see if your school is visited by one
of our CIC representatives. The band and orchestra directors can help students 
regarding the day and location for pick up of instruments needing repair. We pick up instruments, repair and return our rental instruments with REMP.

We will also estimate repairs for all others and call for approval and payment.

  1. High quality repair
  2. Fair pricing
  3. Fast turn around
  4. Custom modifications and alterations
  5. Specialization equipment and tools for woodwind, brass, and string repairs
  6. Extensive parts inventory and supplies for all name brand interments
  7. For decades, many local and outlying school systems and colleges have relied
    on our technicians to keep their instruments in top playing condition.
  8. Satisfaction guaranteed on all service work
  9. Service staff available to give technical advice and answer question
  10. Extensive knowledge of vintage instruments
  11. Straubinger Certified Flute Pad Technician
  12. All instruments are play tested
  13. Custom plating available

Our Repair Technicians


Our repair technicians attend the NAPBIRT Repair Conferences yearly.
Ron, Sue and Brian attend for updates on the latest techniques on instrument repair.