Central Instrument Company has been in the music business since 1979, and we’ve answered just about every question that can be asked. So, here are the most FAQs about our rental program.

1. Can I rent an instrument without spending a lot of money?

  Yes! As you can see from the enclosed price list, CIC offers new or nearly new instruments for a very minimal amount of money. For years our unique programs have been allowing the greatest number of students to participate in band.

2. What happens following the Rent-to-Own trial period?

  You will be given the option to purchase the instrument at a 30% discount or continue to rent by the month until it is paid…interest free. You always have the option to return the instrument at any time.

3. Couldn’t I buy a cheap used instrument from someone?
Yes, but beware! Used instruments or those sold on the internet often are in need of costly repairs. Some retailers and mass merchandisers are even offering musical instruments imported from third world countries. If your child should drop out of the program, you are often stuck with a lemon. Your child’s success is at stake. The initial months are the most crucial. Don’t start your child with the handicap of an inferior instrument. They are hard to play and need frequent repairs.

4. What is the maintenance (REMP) fee?

  Absolutely the best protection you can buy! It covers the cost of repairs for as long as you are renting. We have three experienced, full-time, in-store repair technicians, and you won’t have to go looking for them. At the schools we visit weekly, the instrument will be picked up and returned to your school by our representative. We also extend limited fire and theft loss.

5. If I have homeowner’s insurance, why do I need maintenance coverage?
Generally, repairs would not be covered with homeowner’s insurance. And, you usually have a large deductible which must be met.

6. Who is CIC?

  The Central Instrument Company, established in 1979, specializes in school band and orchestra instruments. CIC is owned and operated by former school band directors with many years of combined experience in music education. We offer all the popular, nationally advertised school instruments, accessories, music, repairs, and, last but not least, SERVICE! Factory-trained repair technicians assure the highest quality repair work in Northeast Ohio. We also have representatives who visit most school districts to insure the finest possible service.