Lease-to-Lease: After the initial Trial Period, you can renew the lease, interest free each month for as long as you wish to lease the instrument.

Return Option:
may return your instrument to CIC at any time with no further obligation, provided your rental payments are current.

Exchange Option:
There is no additional charge to exchange for a
larger size of the same instrument, i.e. 1/2 size violin to 3/4 size violin. There would be a new contract required if you wanted to switch instruments, i.e. going from a cello to a violin due to the cost difference. All instruments remain the property of the lease company.

Purchase Discount:

                   For String Instruments: When your child is ready for a full-size instrument,100% of the first year’s monthly Lease Fee and half of all the subsequent monthly Lease Fees would apply to the purchase of the full-size instrument.
                    For Background Wind Instruments: You may use up to a maximum of 1 year lease credit equity toward a brand new instrument of the type that is being leased.

No Worry” Maintenance Coverage: With the purchase of Replacement and Extended Maintenance Protection (REMP), we will do any repairs necessary to keep your instrument in proper playing condition. Whenever possible, your instrument will be picked up, repaired and returned to your school by our representative. Click here for REMP details

All String instruments come with a case, bow and rosin.

All Background Wind instruments come with a case plus the following:

    Oboe - 1 reed, swab, cork grease
    Tenor Saxophone - 1 reed, cork grease, neck strap
    Baritone & French Horn - mouthpiece, valve oil 

                                                     Monthly Lease Prices

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Violin  $13.75
 Viola  $16.50
 Cello (2 month minimum)  $27.00
 String Bass, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone (2 month minimum)  $42.00
 Oboe (2 month minimum)  $29.00
 French Horn (2 month minimum)  $35.50


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